The cost of operating a casual food store to understand

June 2, 2017


something everyone love to eat delicious snacks, this industry also has a huge market demand, is worthy of careful consideration of the snack food market is very large, is also very popular with consumers who love the delicacy, so many people want to open a casual snack shop. However, the successful opening of a snack bar, the first step to understand its approximate investment amount!

mentioned in the opening of a snack food franchise costs to the extent of the problem, we can not generalize in general, because each franchisee to choose the form of the project, the scale of the shop, and so have a certain relationship. For example, small stores around within 10 square meters will be 100 thousand, if the store is a little bigger also in 100 thousand, so this is based on the investor choice shop area, store location, franchise fees and other factors to calculate how many!

to open a snack food franchise costs? Snack food in the snack market occupies a very important position, is considered to be a hot market in twenty-first Century. We will often consider joining in the cost of joining the number of. In fact, the franchise fee is an important expenditure, choose a different brand to join the cost of joining is not the same, some like to join the brand to join the cost to tens of thousands, while others want to ten, everyone according to their own circumstances choose to charge reasonable to join the project.


can have a correct business philosophy, we believe that the store can be a very good development, but also hope that the above text is to help everyone, so according to different scale, also joined the project according to the specific leisure food stores, the investment cost is not the same. However, we can sum up as a reference to the small series, but also I wish you can successfully set up shop, happy to make money oh!

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