Want to send the goods to the world of Henan sell speed to help you

May 31, 2017

with the development of science and technology, accelerating the development of Internet plus, the electricity supplier is also constantly reform forward, has made more significant achievements. At present, Alibaba’s international version of the line, Henan electricity supplier of goods, you can always sell at any time to sell the globe. September 24th afternoon, Henan cross-border electricity supplier development summit held in Zhengzhou. The summit to open a new era of cross-border electricity supplier development in the Central Plains as the theme, to build cross-border online shopping trading system set up to promote more traditional enterprises in Henan to go abroad.

it is reported that the global fast selling is Alibaba’s global market to create an online trading platform, the seller simply edit the goods into online information, through the fast selling platform, released overseas. The entire delivery process is very similar to the domestic version of Taobao, including China Post, including international express delivery company, the baby will be transported to the hands of buyers. At present, Henan post has been in Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xuchang, Nanyang opened a fast selling online send send service, access to the world’s 241 countries and regions.

this time, China post is a registered parcel online delivery mode for online sellers to provide more convenient international packet service. The seller can order online, printed directly by the postal staff to collect the door, or mail delivery of the Chinese postal collection warehouse, you can enjoy fast and convenient international parcel service. International packet refers to the following 2 kilograms of small items, access to the world’s 241 countries and regions, is currently the most widely accessible cross-border electricity supplier export channels.

in the past, although our electricity supplier is only confined to the domestic market, but with the advent of the advent of fast selling, so that the electricity supplier’s revenue gradually out of the country, to the international market. The reporter learned that Henan post has been opened in Zhengzhou to the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Holland, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and other 14 countries routes 19 non-stop flights, aliexpress, EBay and other cross-border electronic business platform Trading Volume 5 the whole country realizes non-stop. The next step, Henan post will also be implemented by "The Belt and Road" national strategy, opening of central trains with export mail. By then, exports from Henan to Europe and the countries and regions along the international mail will further shorten the time limit.

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