Shen Jiahong city old brand Hot pot

May 29, 2017

New Year’s day has passed, but also a new year. I wonder what you wish for in the new year. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, said he would set a goal for himself every day. I don’t know if you want to do something in the new year. For example, his shop business. Many businesses have started to enter the restaurant industry, hot pot is still the most popular investment projects.

is currently the Hot pot market competition is very intense, various brands are robbing consumers in the market, is a real hot market, Hot pot joined a suitable brand for the majority of the franchisee is also a very difficult thing, in the face of so many Hot pot brand, in the end the choice of what brand? Today Xiaobian to recommend the city of the old Shen Jiahong Hot pot.

Why choose

Hot pot to join the project of Shen Jiahong old city Hot pot, the main reasons are the following three aspects.

hotpot reputation good

for food and beverage companies, food is the lifeline of an enterprise, the food is delicious, nine decides an enterprise can go a long way, the future will have greater development, "Shen Jiahong city" Hot pot old brand, twenty years as one day to concentrate on quality, and according to the market demand for innovation, talent shows itself from Chongqing Hot pot thousands of brands, in 2013 by the media and the general public to elect for the good Hot pot so delicious Hot pot, naturally there is no lack of consumer market.

brand has a long history

Most of the

market is now emerging brands are Hot pot brand, brand Hot pot city did not have much money, so the strength of the brand is not strong enough, do catering market experience, Shen Jiahong city old Hot pot has 20 years of history, in the current market Hot pot rare, adequate market experience Shen Jiahong with other old city Hot pot’s advantage.

good return on investment

low investment costs, convenient operation, lucrative, allowing you to invest in steady money. Not greedy big area, multi product model and stable quality, unique flavor, throughout the year no off-season, the per capita consumption is relatively high, the profit space is not low, operation mode of novel and save the cost of human resource, business location which is Jiahong City chain store Shen Hot pot scientific positioning determines, better investment returns.


above is the editor of Shen Jiahong city old brand Hot pot simple introduction, if you read the above description, the Hot pot to join the brand interested, please give us a message on our website below, see the message after the first time we will reply to you.

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