Do you really fit in to open an online shop

May 29, 2017

the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce is also a rapid rise, open shop has become a hot spot in the current business. But open shop seems simple, but not easy, there are a lot of problems need to be considered, in preparation for the creation of online shops, entrepreneurs must ask why a few in the heart, to find the answer to the question, in order to truly understand whether they are suitable for open shop.

entrepreneurial open shop problem: do you have cheap goods?

now, the reason why online trading is booming, the biggest feature is that buyers can pick from the cheap stuff. So, for entrepreneurs, do you have the goods channel? Do you have any cheap goods? So, what are you going to sell? This is the entrepreneur needs to be analyzed. At present, from the online trading products, clothing, communications equipment, cosmetics category is a few popular products. Other products such as handicrafts, health care products also have a certain consumer.

from online trading products can be seen, is a very cheap price (compared with net equivalent products), such as mobile phone, computer, cosmetics etc.; the other is the net is not common or not in the market circulation of products, such as various discount tickets, and even real estate and other unique accessories.

There are

most online shop owner fixed goods channel, who is an agent of a well-known clothing brand, there are people under the net has a fixed store, are devoted to Hongkong or overseas purchase, others find a wholesaler. For entrepreneurs who have just contacted online transactions, in addition to learn how to surf the Internet, how to land, but also to consider their own strength and ability. If entrepreneurs feel that the online shop is only the ordinary products under the net to move online, it is likely to bring their own venture.

entrepreneurial open shop problem two: do you offer?

a shopkeeper who had sold two phones on the Internet, she believes that the price has been cheaper than the net price of $three hundred or four hundred, but also gave a prepaid card. But half a month but no buyers bid. Later, a friend to help her find a reason, found her price compared to other sellers are still too high, she also landed in the goods, not with product photos, and she is not a commodity for eye-catching title.

online trading is very sensitive to the price of the owner’s strategy. Therefore, the owner of the price is very important to learn. Online products are part of the auction through the form of the transaction, that is, the seller to open a price, and then increase the number of buyers, until the transaction. Therefore, the seller out of the price is not the price to sell their hearts, but to be cheap, and then rely on the auction price will be popular. Therefore, the owner of the description of the goods, the positioning of the product must be attractive, so as to increase the popularity of the click through rate, but also for the store into the long-term customer >

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