Fujian province will build a number of innovation driven engineering related platform

May 20, 2017

in order to promote the development of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, adapt to the trend of the times to reform and innovation. So, on the establishment of a number of innovation driven project specific platform is how?

days ago, the Provincial Association for science and Technology issued Implementation Measures for driving power engineering construction and management innovation platform in our province. Industry of the province approved the establishment of the province will learn collaborative business collaborative innovation alliance, innovation base, service enterprises and National Institute of construction and operation of service stations, give some subsidies special funds from power engineering innovation drive.

according to the measures for the implementation of industrial enterprises will be cooperative innovation alliance should integrate national association and the Provincial Institute of intellectual resources, to the provincial society as the main body, and guide enterprises to technological innovation, promote industrial innovation and technology exchange. The union shall be composed of a number of units, such as the National Association, the Provincial Association, the enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions. Provincial Association for the sponsor, the enterprise must be the industry leader; colleges and universities, scientific research institutions to play the role of technology research and development. To establish a mechanism for the protection of interests, to clarify the research and development of intellectual property rights and intellectual property rights, the use of the license and the transformation of income distribution approach.

Provincial Institute of collaborative service enterprise innovation base, should improve the conditions of enterprise innovation, strengthen precision services, and jointly promote the development of enterprise innovation. Innovation base of the national society, the Provincial Institute should be based on the needs of enterprises to determine the commitment to the enterprise, the enterprise to provide the necessary working conditions and conditions for the base. National and provincial society to recommend at least 5 or more experts at home and abroad every year to more than well-known experts to assist enterprises to complete the task of scientific research.

Provincial Institute of national service station, should focus on the development of the province’s industry, the construction of scientific and technological innovation in the field of science and technology services to provide service stations.

approved the establishment of the innovation alliance, innovation base, service stations, the use of funding subsidies year by year, the completion of a certain service indicators and through the annual assessment, the Provincial Association for science and technology grant funding.

for the establishment of innovation driving power engineering platform is required by the relevant part of the support and cooperation, in the hope that the various departments work together to make the platform construction work, so that our province’s economic further development.

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