Chen Hongdao and his two brands

May 18, 2017

Chen Hongdao said, many people are not familiar with, but if Wang Laoji, never heard of the minority, after all, it was the first brand of herbal tea, but if not heard JDB, it can only say that you out, this year’s "The Voice of China" this brand can be said to promote peak. But the relationship between them, many people certainly do not understand, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to Chen Hongdao and his two brands!

2008 donated 100 million yuan to the earthquake stricken areas of Wenchuan province in 2010 and the Qinghai earthquake in Yushu donated $110 million. In Hongkong, Chen Hongdao has the title of "Buddha merchant". In 2010, he led the JDB hand in the Asian Games, as an outstanding representative of the Chinese national brand, will rely on large-scale international sports events, accelerate the process of internationalization, to become a world-class beverage brands.

to 2008, red cans Wong Lo Kat herbal tea sales exceeded 10 billion yuan, as sales surpassed Coca-Cola and Pepsi first canned beverage market Chinese brand. 2011 creation of the 20 billion red pot myth, in 2012 won the "food industry leader" award. Now he is chairman of Guangdong JDB Group Co., Ltd., chairman of Hongkong Hong Tao (Group) Co., ltd..

"Kat and Chen Hongdao.

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