Do business must learn to play the fool

May 13, 2017

although it is really necessary to do business to each customer to provide quality services, however, the customer is different, in fact, also determines the different needs of our services. Integrity is the foundation of our business people, and we deal with different customers every day, to treat different customers we have to learn different hospitality countermeasures. We first want to listen to customers to buy goods, customers in the choice of goods, we should take the initiative to introduce customers to the price of the commodity and the basic attributes of goods.

I do not know if you have encountered such a customer does not, you store the price of the goods he will be more expensive than the price of the supermarket, but he said in his mouth or where to pick goods. For this kind of customers, we first analyze their shopping habits, this type of customer is certainly a lot of care, love petty petty customers.

in their selection of goods, and our products are selling cheap, do not directly and she spoke, in order to avoid wrong sentences that hurt customer self-esteem and makes you angry, so we have to play "Crazy", a smattering of catering to the customer speech on the line, in the account, we can according to how much she gave her a shopping goods usually into people send gifts or small goods to meet this kind of customer "greed" of the heart.

there are some customers to buy goods, he was very clear about the purchase price of a commodity, but they have to ask again and again and three of the price of a commodity. Take a customer who came into my store a few days ago. A few days ago, there is a customer to my shop to buy some liquor, he asked me a door the liquor prices, I quoted to him, he said I sell price is too high, he often drink this liquor how much money, I heard this price is the purchase price of liquor on us.

I pretend to forget to purchase price, he said: "the price you say I have not come I think," "we often drink is the price you sell, we buy, we do not sell go another store bought." I look at this person firm attitude, I think, give him, I do not earn a penny, do not give up a customer, maybe he bought a liquor also buy other goods. So I pretended to be confused and said: "you want a few bottles, lost to you".

the customer looked at me and said, "give me one, and we’ll have a couple of ladies, and then bring me a bottle of 60 yuan dry red, a Mount Huangshan red cigarette."." I hurried to prepare him a white wine, red wine and cigarettes, he did not talk to me about the price of red wine and cigarettes, pay the money to go. I carefully considered the liquor although no money, but red and cigarette but earned tens of yuan, if today is not dumb, let the customer, that does not earn a penny.

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