Beauty stewardess opened home accessories store to achieve rich life

May 10, 2017

Home Furnishing industry can be said to be "high wealth", contemporary people pay attention to Home Furnishing decoration, creative Home Furnishing accessories is more popular with Canada, so Home Furnishing accessories industry has unlimited potential, attracting countless entrepreneurs to invest.

"I do business is not to say that in order to make a lot of money, is the kind of love and family decoration feeling very much, want to let more people to enjoy its beauty." Ceng Xuejing is said to be the most beautiful stewardess after marriage, her husband took out 4 million yuan to let her do the home has long been a soft outfit industry, the most beautiful stewardess turned gorgeous young female boss.

Zeng Xue Jing said with a smile, his poor business, has been tired of crying, that you stick to it. Today, Ceng Xuejing’s business can be described as "the gander", and her advocacy of soft decoration wind has blown into the Daocheng many customers at home, business is bigger and the fire.

European airline stewardess

once Xue Jing told the Cye that she first met and Home Furnishing accessories is a museum in the United States, at the time of their love. After returning home, a chance to let her find very expensive products abroad, are actually made in china. "Foreign countries are very attached to the housing " soft decoration ", they believe that home accessories is a house of the soul, so that you live in the feeling that is a kind of enjoyment."

once Xue Jing said, he is also deeply fascinated by this, and the selection of materials Home Furnishing accessories are pure hand-painted ceramic collocation, full Handmade, and excellence for jewelry design, the pursuit of the process.

once Xue Jing said, at that time, their love is from the heart of European style Home Furnishing jewelry, one can enjoy the feeling of "home". "But, think about it can be displayed in the museum, in foreign countries is also a luxury, and I also like the stewardess in particular this work, at first did not move to do this line of thought."

identified actions, painstakingly made the right agent of Shandong province geomaxima home goods in foreign countries, about two international high pedicle Mercure brand, so the initial investment in the nearest 4 million yuan. This is the first venture, but the beauty of the Ceng Xuejing gas cry.

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