Give up the treatment of a good job only to embark on this venture

May 6, 2017

life, always faced with the choice of one after another, who do not know the right behind the choice. After graduating from college, to give up the treatment of a good job, 8 hours a day in a room closed to learn embroidery, embroidery is a full two years. Shanghai after 80 little girl Liu Rongfei chose this path, and create a "wheat straw embroidery".

"works, need to first cut a little straw, like the line thickness, and then with embroidery, a bit sticky.   "Liu Rongfei pointed to his creation of" Songhe map "said:" you see the feathers on the head, each straw is fine, as long as there is a sticky wrong, then the whole work will start again, because the white glue is sticky with straw will leave traces."

color limited, general hair embroidery used for drawing, line drawing work. However, such as the outline of the outline of the face of the need for a light color of the hair, and hair parts >

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