Greater Khingan Range to build a nationwide entrepreneurial information service platform to help Ent

May 6, 2017

now, for many entrepreneurs, some business news and business information is very important, for the majority of entrepreneurs an entrepreneurial venture has also suggested that not only is a kind of social activities, has become a national movement.

"people business information service platform" is based on the statistical information network as a platform, in the form of electronic file stored in electronic information in Greater Khingan Range all business households, through the internal network data processing software. Its main role is to provide timely and accurate information consulting services for all levels of government, industry sectors and the community.

by "people business information platform", to fully grasp the development situation of Greater Khingan Range area undertaking various industries in various fields. The platform has many functions such as data acquisition, information retrieval, information review, data collection and other functions, as well as information and data analysis functions. First of all, it has "electronic archives function", through the retrieval of the information platform for information storage, business users can understand the way of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial identity information, business users sales and women entrepreneurs and other information, for all departments and units to provide timely and accurate information consulting services. Secondly, it has "marketing services", through the query on the data platform, capable of producing and distribution of aquaculture products understand each county bureau of forest planting, and ensure that large-scale sales of sources of raw materials demand. Third, it can achieve the "dynamic monitoring function", through the information platform data collection, database can draw the people business, analyze the data, understand the national entrepreneurship development result, dynamic monitoring of the entrepreneurial field, can provide important basic data and analysis results for macro decision prefectural department. Finally, it can provide services for the industry sector search, based on the information platform in different business users special color logo, to distinguish between what is big business, and big business case analysis at any time. Meanwhile, through the establishment of the income range, you can grasp the region’s entrepreneurial income distribution. For example, the region’s entrepreneurial income is divided into three intervals: 50 thousand yuan, less than $50 thousand to $100 thousand, more than $100 thousand, through the system can be retrieved at any time to grasp the information of these three income range entrepreneurs.

this platform include forest economy, industry, service industry and other related areas of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship covers a wide range of areas. Platform to implement the basic attributes of an update a year, the economic indicators of a quarterly update dynamic management. It can fully demonstrate the results of entrepreneurship in Greater Khingan Range, stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and further create a public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the social atmosphere. In addition, it can achieve resource sharing within the region. Prior to the establishment of this platform, only the regional level to grasp the main situation of the region’s forest products, counties and districts recommend

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