Diversified family farms make money fast

May 6, 2017

in different times, the hot up the project will be different. In the current era, the diversification of family farms due to the diversification of operations, quality of service and thus quickly gained the affirmation of countless consumers, has a good development prospects.

compared with the current situation of oversupply in many industries, the farmhouse leisure tourism market is seriously insufficient supply. During the holidays, local attractions such as the flow of the crowd, the hotel is full, train, aircraft to increase the frequency is still unable to meet the travel needs of passengers.

weekend is a lot of people flocked to the outskirts of the city and the surrounding countryside, close to the countryside picking fruits, vegetables. "Eat rice farmers, live in farm houses, look at the farm scene", has become the main way of urban leisure. However, in order to be unique in many family farms, there are still some different "close to nature" activities.

one, family farm diversified development direction

in the city on the outskirts of the town of farm planting and breeding by planting new venison delicacies, feces of fruits and vegetables, the development of Museum of venison. Special wild boar farm feast, feast, feast and wild goose hare without application of pesticide and fertilizer model of fruits and vegetables, not only can make the tourists eat delicious nutritious green venison, also can let visitors to participate in hunting, barbecue, processing of rare specimens, watch the bucket bucket boar, pheasant, wild boar, hare and other programs. At the same time, build the house, bamboo, Mongolia package with the characteristics of farm houses, allowing visitors to feel the most natural and quiet accommodation.

two, family farm benefit analysis

farm just put into the breeding project can drive other projects.

1. restaurant franchise: venison and green delicacies and pollution-free vegetables, fruits, low fees, according to at least 6 Day reception tables, each table is calculated 500 yuan, an annual income of about 1 million yuan.

2. Hunting: This is the most exciting and farm business attraction, can stimulate people to conquer the natural instinct, most people need 5 to 10 consecutive hunting prey was fun, each calculated by 3, at least a day reception 10 people, each game is calculated by 65 yuan (including service fee) the annual income of about 710 thousand yuan.

3. retail agricultural products: retail farm game, specimens, fruits and vegetables per day, according to 600 yuan a day, a year income of about $210 thousand.

More than

revenue totaled about 1 million 900 thousand yuan, because most of the products produced, profit of more than 35%, about 660 thousand yuan profit. These do not include the golden week, weekends, new year’s day, Spring Festival and other tourist peak income. As long as the family farm features, start the fund >

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