Choose to join the milk tea store which can not be less than five

May 4, 2017

autumn October want to start a business, do what? Think about going into the winter, we join the tea shop is your choice, warm very intimate. China so many tea shop how to choose? Do not worry about the small series has been prepared for you, 2016 in the top five of the milk tea shop offer, you can slowly choose.

NO.1: beauty Haogong tea tea

recommended index: five stars

Haogong beauty tea, including the ten series, more than 80 kinds of varieties, here what kind of drinks you can find. If you are a perfect person to pursue beauty, it would be on the Haogong tea. Coco beauty Haogong tea across three, so far has more than 2 thousand stores in the chain group. A cup of tea Haogong beauty, feeling mellow fragrance aftertaste in taste, rich milk fragrance warmth in the atrium bloom, instantly touched taste buds…

Haogong beauty tea

NO.2 happy lemon

recommended index: five stars

met unhappy things? Come to the happy lemon, it is not a thing. Like lemon little two goods and small otaku who are dare to laugh at themselves, since the black, like to entertain a little funny than. Happy lemon will give us a common drink gives a strong philosophy of human love, the joy of lemon to build each of the single items will be more than just a cup of hospitality, but also between the heart of your mutual consolation!

happy lemon

NO.3 seven cups of tea

recommended index: five stars

seven cups of tea is marked by the bite of the apple of the mouth of the two, bright green leaves and attractive Apple seamless, giving people the pursuit of green and imagination. Every day is not the same coffee, not the same mood. Joy, anger, sadness, sorrow, fear, fear, think of the seven cups for you bit by bit record, here to record our common growth, witness every moment of our brilliant. Coffee memory, taste seven cups.

seven cups of tea

NO.4 Benko time

recommended index: four stars

for this drink, the story behind it is so witty and humorous. Benko time, meaning "bingo", because only a drink, you would have shouted "bingo" impulse! Don’t let "Benko pear" see you screaming.

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