Customer price to no profit – how to do business

May 3, 2017

as long as it is a shop to do business, will certainly encounter customers bargain things, after all, customers bargain in the current business market is too common. A dozen years, customers bargain bargain, has become immutable and frozen facts, in the daily operation, many customers have developed a shopping bargain bargain, he bought one hundred yuan to buy 5 yuan, or 3 yuan, 1 yuan…… Have developed a love bargain bargain practice.

festival day morning, drizzle floats, street pedestrians coming and going in and Tomb-sweeping Day compared correspondingly smaller, the streets is no resistance in the rain fell, to the store to buy one customer is sparse, but I looked at the door, my heart silently think: "god! Can you stop the rain today and not another day? I shop Tomb-sweeping Day into the fire, firecrackers and fireworks, has not sold out! Not easy to look forward to the Qingming Festival, the major units are put an increase in income for the holiday, but you have to buy sacrifices to sacrifice the loved ones who have gone away."

thinking about, a middle-aged man riding a motorcycle to the door of my shop to stop, he shook the rain on the raincoat, said to me: "the boss, your store selling Mengniu future star children grow milk?" I just came back from Tanghe, ready to return home to the old grave, the way to buy a box of small niece back."

I hurried up and said, "yes, yes, come in!" I opened the warehouse door, carrying 2 children provided milk for middle-aged people over, said, this is a box of Mengniu 45 yuan, this is a box of Yili milk grow 50 yuan a box, a middle-aged man, seemed a bit unhappy.

"boss, it’s not that expensive! You should not rain, I bought in Tanghe, will be 45 yuan a box! Do you think this milk can be cheap five ah!

big brother, Mengniu has been price increases, the price of 45 yuan has been low enough! I smiled and said to him."

"boss, no, the last time I was in Tanghe Makro supermarket bought a box of 40 yuan, and the price to 45, the boss, the milk price up too soon! How about 40 yuan a box? If you don’t sell, I’ll go to the store next to you! I watched the middle-aged man muttering to the door.

big brother! This box of milk is only 5 yuan profit. You only give 40 yuan, I do not make a profit without it? I muttered, but not willing to let the store business loss."

look at the appearance of the middle-aged customers, if you do not let 5 yuan today, he will not buy. But give him a discount of 5 yuan, then I do not have a profit

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