DHC industry center held the first entrepreneurial leaders summit in Beijing

May 1, 2017

With the advent of the entrepreneurial era

, various types of entrepreneurial incubation base layers, attracting a large number of entrepreneurial projects stationed. The day before, the first Chinese entrepreneurial leaders summit held in Beijing, co-founder of industry center emerge in the meeting.

2015 in December 29th, Hopson group exhibition sponsored by the center of the "2015 China industry co founded the first business leaders summit at the grand opening of Yizhuang Feng International hotel. The theme of the times and social activities to focus, divided into leadership speech, speech, signing ceremony, roundtable forums, media questions and project visits and other sectors, attracted more than 300 people involved in the social institutions and enterprises.

in the roundtable session, Hopson group exhibition industry center general manager Wang Yulong, senior financial media director Yao Changsheng, bubble Mart founder Wang Ning, creating headquarters co-founder Shang Guanjun Nash space, co-founder Zhang Jian, star capital managing partner Wang Feng, Beijing Havendi trade limited company president Anura, respectively, from the development trend of the industry industrial park, investment operations, venture capital investment, public record, space incubators, foreign entrepreneurs in the eyes of the Chinese entrepreneurial environment and other aspects of the depth of communication.

2015 years, the public entrepreneurship, people innovation has become a strong voice of the times. Hopson group’s co-founder industrial center of Ministry of science and technology was designated as the "Chinese contest of innovation and entrepreneurship incubator cultivation". INTERCHINA group, Hugo workshop, Shenzhou excellence and other institutions have signed settled DHC industry center, and based on the full recognition of the prospect of the project, and the two phase of the project, the three period and the subsequent planning and construction of the content of the bundled long-term strategic cooperation.

According to the

in business matching, park comprehensive, full range of business facilities Goods are available in all varieties. In terms of government support, Jinqiao Science and Technology Industrial Park, government service hall settled in the park to provide one-stop administrative examination and approval services. In terms of industrial policy and investment policy support, Zhongguancun, Tongzhou District dual policy recommendations

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