Consumer demand is affected by several factors

April 21, 2017

and consumer business deal, to meet consumer demand is always the key point of business, catering industry is even more so, if we can have a good grasp of the consumer demand, and why don’t you shop profit? So the restaurant owner how to analyze customer needs?

now the catering industry really is not easy, and other industries also need to study your consumers love what to eat, can be targeted to the development of dishes, can really attract consumers, then how to analyze customer needs? To introduce below.

restaurant owner how to analyze customer needs

generally speaking, consumer behavior is affected by the following factors:

cultural factors

this is for the consumer most influential one of the factors that influence consumer tastes and customs and cultural habits, people of a region to form a common cultural preference, it is very important to the restaurant business and location.

group factor

everyone is in a certain environment, other people’s environment has influence on everyone, individual consumers will wonderful reference groups the consumption patterns, catering enterprises in the study of consumer habits, this is also an important factor, can use this method to do marketing.

personality factor

in addition to the group, everyone has their own personality, this personality has a decisive impact on the final behavior of consumers. Different consumers will form their own consumption characteristics in the long run.

psychological factors

consumer behavior is also affected by the psychological factors, different consumer heart, consumers will have a variety of different consumer habits, food and beverage operators to grasp the hearts of consumers also want to be important.

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