Low profile management effect of start-up companies better

April 20, 2017

start-up company has just been established, the leader should use what kind of management approach to harvest better effect? In fact, the principle of low key management can harvest unexpected results, but can stimulate the morale of employees.

in a standardized organization, need leaders dedicated, enthusiastic participation of high steward low-key person, authority is not the most important.

When the

2013 Ma resigned in May CEO. He often said, Ali group to do business for 102 years, a hundred years old will face new old handover, only to create a perfect operation mechanism, weakening personal color, with a system of tubes steward, smooth transition, in order to enable enterprises in the absence of the hero can also the normal operation and development.

right and prestige and emphasize, is conducive to mobilize all forces to work, but if you are too concentrated in the hands of one person, may cause great autocratic situation, will suppress all subordinates personal creativity, adopt the restrictions of better decisions and suggestions.

The development of

any organization and expansion needs the efforts of all members, leaders will lead to too much emphasis on the authority under negative slack. The power of the palm has the power is actually because of their stand head and shoulders above others, too strong, so that all.

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