Your home to buy insurance Yunyang chicken 6000 chicken to buy insurance

April 18, 2017

chicken in life is our common edible poultry, but sometimes serious Newcastle disease coming, so many farmers lose everything, but now the chicken can also buy insurance! The insurance contract, the five day observation period, after five days, if the chicken died, give us a call, send verification after payment." Recently, Kam property insurance Limited by Share Ltd (Chongqing branch) staff Gong Longhai came to Chongqing Yunyang County town red lion Linjiang Village 7 groups and poor households into home katahito signed 300 chicken first single income insurance.

"the first batch of chicken sold more than 270, the income of 20 thousand yuan, net profit of 1 yuan." More than 370 chickens cheery said Chen Liangren looked at his herds, "chicken with the insurance income, another layer of protection." Chen Liangren calculations, 2.38 yuan of premiums per chicken, 300 chickens, pay insurance premium 714 yuan, even if the amount of 20 thousand and 400 yuan can also receive the The whole army was wiped out. Cheng Liangren is of confidence in chicken breeding.

at present, the town more than 3 breeding chickens, in order to reduce the risk of breeding, the ability to resist market risk, the company and the local people and the adjacent river stockade mountain cooperatives signed 6000 chicken income and the price of insurance.

it is understood that after the company estimates, farmers breeding chickens, each pay insurance fee of 2.38 yuan, the amount of compensation according to the different breeding time, compensation according to the breeding cost plus 13% to 17% of the profits. The longer the feeding time, the higher the cost of investment and profit, namely: 30 days of farming to pay the loss of $22.5, to pay $31 to $34.5, 61 to 90 days to pay $49.5, more than 91 days payment of $68.

did you buy your chicken? Yunyang 6000 chicken to buy insurance, if you are worried about the survival rate of the chicken, please advice for them to purchase an insurance! At the same time, it is worth noting that the cooperatives each pay insurance fee of 1.36 yuan, after the insured, in the animal husbandry of Chongqing in accordance with the agreed market price online weekly, a data acquisition, the average price calculated chicken, agreed to 68 yuan each, as the base of automatic compensation, the compensation will be in 2 to 3 working days in the automatic transfer to cooperatives account.

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