Boiling taste noodle brand crock

April 16, 2017

healthy and tasty noodle is still boiling Bevi crock noodle. Is a very good brand for small investors Bevi noodle boiling pots. Boiling taste crock to join the project of small and specialized vermicelli, convenient management, low cost, high profit. Open a subway franchise boiling crock noodle money? Because professional, operating characteristics of specific personnel economy type, type, type and other high-end integrated fashion practice models in business costs, operating expenses and other costs relative to other forms of low cost a lot of food. Open a subway franchise boiling crock noodle money? All expenses, consolidated gross profit margin of about 50%-70%.

boiling Barilla crock noodle brand

boiling taste crock to join the project vermicelli with less investment, fast recovery of funds, the risk is small. Open a subway franchise boiling crock noodle money? Chinese fast food subway line belongs to the form of boiling crock with the popular fashion style, under normal circumstances, the cash recovery rate of more than 95% business, in normal operation, to recover the investment in 4 to 10 months.

crock simmer soup long time, boiling taste by many developed a fast food business, in the shortest possible time served, especially suitable for surrounding office buildings, hospitals, schools, community etc..

open a shop to make money? Not only to operate the boiling Bevi nutrition crock features the main line, and the jar package, pay attention to nutrition and health and to tank a way of keeping good health, and cans of Malatang supplemented, truly species diversity, to meet consumer demand.

good things are not necessarily expensive, boiling flavor with 5 years of operation and research and development, ranging from $3.5 to $18 per capita consumption of between $10 to $25, boiling flavor in the 1234 cities have been recognized by consumers.

open a subway franchise boiling crock noodle money? Company master hands teaching, from the location, decoration, etc. before the opening of business training and guidance, the store on the right track, not the period of on-site guidance services. Join a successful family!

with the same ingredients, simple operation, uniform dishes, no professional experience, no chef. No one can operate.

boiling Barilla crock vermicelli adjusted to local conditions product variety and taste, to avoid the foreign brand "straitjacket", "water management does not match other adverse situations. Open a subway franchise boiling crock noodle money? Based on the characteristics of the product to ensure that boiling taste can be y combined with crock noodle joined the local industry, affordable price, food dishes taste, and to carry out scientific adjustment, to join the operators is a powerful guarantee.


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