n southern Nanjing, a man crossing the tracks appear by accident

April 16, 2017

in many cases, people do not pay attention to their own safety, leading to safety concerns. In the railway station, high-speed rail station, I hope people can pay attention to safety, do not take their own life joke. Yesterday afternoon, in the high-speed rail NanJing South Railway Station, a man forced to climb the track when arriving trains killed extrusion.

yesterday (26 days) at 3:43 in the afternoon, Shanghai Hongqiao to Hankou D3026/7 train arrived in NanJing South Railway Station to platform 21, a young man about 30 years old suddenly from the opposite platform 22 jumped across the track, grab the D3026/7 train, trying to turn on platform 21, but he underestimated the height of the platform, trying to hold the hands of body to climb the platform, without success, unfortunately caught between D3026/7 train car 1 and the station, the train stop immediately.

station staff call the first time to inform the 120 emergency center, railway police and fire departments to carry out rescue at the scene, Nanjing fire command center to mobilize the core bridge, a squadron of secret service rushed to the scene. Rescuers used a drill to rescue the station platform, while the use of hydraulic rescue tools to support a space rescue, after nearly two hours of man will eventually rescued, after the scene of the emergency personnel confirmed that the man had no signs of life.

high-speed rail train driver said in an interview, because the distance is too close, the vehicle braking, but it is too late. Affected by this, the train stopped at the platform for about 2 hours. Other relevant circumstances Nanjing railway police are further investigation.

a lot of people said, then saw the scene of the NanJing South Railway Station, people have brought more shock, and no one to remind people when traveling, we must pay attention to their own health and safety. In the event of news comments, some people feel regret for the man died because of his reckless behavior; he was criticised for not awareness of the rules, ignoring the rules to pay the price, everyone should abide by the rules, which is responsible for their own.

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