How to store flowers – a of space design

April 15, 2017

women love flowers, women in the festival will receive boyfriend flowers, especially now spring, shop to inject new capacity for the flower to join, every business franchise flowers are love life, they love the fragrance of flowers, bright love everywhere. Will be written into the poetic life, but also eat human fireworks. This shop is not Business Flourishes, then you know what flowers tips stores need to understand in the design space with the view of it?.

the three-dimensional use of space to increase the limited use of the area is a good way. The use of a variety of textures, as well as hanging racks are filled with three-dimensional space, but in the layout effect will be slightly dull. The flowers do join white column some level of different shops in the background of a main wall, made some semi-circular protuberance on the wall, put a pot of green plants placed on it, well-proportioned, not only the original white walls filled with anger, played the role of landscaping, decoration, also make use of the three-dimensional space, the number of plants increased, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

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