Huangzhong organized nearly 1500 people to carry out environmental voluntary activities

April 11, 2017

in November 2nd, nearly 1500 volunteers 15 volunteers from Huangzhong County Volunteer Association service team, the armed police force volunteer service team and the Qinghai University, two village level, enterprises in order to carry out the "beauty of the harmonious development of Qinghai beautiful new Huangzhong national unity as the theme of environmental protection volunteer for health management activities.

these volunteers through a thorough sweep of the 315 provincial highway and State Road, on both sides of the road and around the village of garbage, for the surrounding rural areas to create a clean and tidy, civilized and peaceful atmosphere of the new environment of the 109.

in carrying out health management activities at the same time, Huangzhong also by hanging banners 32, distribution of promotional materials, such as more than 4000 copies of the extensive publicity of air pollution prevention and control work in the masses. (author: Pan Ling)


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