Open high quality thematic democratic life

April 11, 2017

On the afternoon of June 24th, the municipal education practice leading group held a briefing on the topic of democratic life of the municipal Party committee, to promote the city’s Party organizations at all levels to open a high quality of democratic life. At the meeting, the municipal Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection Ma Haiying informed the Municipal Standing Committee Team thematic democratic life situation, municipal committee, deputy mayor of the city government informed the Democratic Party of the democratic life of the topic of the situation of the group of. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning chaired the meeting.

is the county departments and units to a good feature of democratic life, the day of the meeting, the leaders should further strengthen the spirit of play, through this serious party life, so that leading cadres at all levels have a profound ideological soul by baptism, a profound belief, get a touch the depth of awakening, new achievements in promoting a new starting point of educational practice; the preparatory work done solid do meticulous, good talk, materials, criticism, rectification, and strive to every step, every step, do solid work done in place, so that the soul touched, thought to be improved truly, face the problem, bath treatment.

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