Adapt to the new normal implementation of new ideas for new

April 6, 2017

A deed is accomplished through taking thought。

entered the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, to face the new normal under the double pressure of economic growth and transformation and upgrading of Qinghai, a comprehensive well-off society and the national synchronized, especially need to temper a thought of.

March 27th morning, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee, 269 leading cadres into the provincial Party school as a student to participate in the province’s leading cadres to study and implement the new concept of development seminar. A provincial center group members, there are municipalities, county (city, District Committee, ICBC) is the main party responsible comrades, provincial ministries, provincial departments and units, people’s organizations and mass organizations, universities, provincial enterprises and the central unit responsible comrades in qingdao.

listen to the report carefully record, group discussion, speak actively, after school time communication discussion…… The opening of 4 days, the students cherish the rare opportunity to learn, consciously promote the theory and practice of the study, conscientiously study and discussion, open communication, with the new development concept of mind. We have said that the seminar opened very timely, very necessary. Through the study, have a more comprehensive grasp of the economic development of the new normal and "13th Five-Year" situation, have a more profound understanding of the precise development of the concept of the five leading new practice, have a more clear understanding of the specific ideas and measures to promote the supply side structural reform.

"promotion of environmental protection, and promoting poverty alleviation, and promoting the development of ethnic areas, the participants agreed that the general secretary Xi Jinping in an important speech at the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress of the Qinghai delegation, to guide the province to implement the new concept of development is of great significance. Especially the general secretary Xi Jinping on the" three focus "systematic and specific guidance, we further pointed out the" 13th Five-Year "period to promote the development of the work of the focal point, we carry out the new concept of development put forward new requirements.

how to promote ecological and environmental protection, students seek deep, want to be real

Qinghai’s greatest value in ecology, the greatest potential in ecology, the biggest responsibility is also in ecology. For this reason, the protection of the ecological environment, the construction of ecological civilization, has been the development of Qinghai "keyword", "theme song". Under the new normal, how to promote ecological and environmental protection, students seek deep, want to be real.


General Secretary Xi Jinping to attend the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress in Qinghai delegation stressed that the protection of the ecological environment construction, must establish the overall concept, long-term view, the overall concept, insist on the protection of priority, adhere to the basic state policy of conserving resources and protect the environment, protect the ecological environment as the protection of the eyes, treat ecological the environment like life, promote the formation of green development and life style. General secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on our high hopes for us, pointing out the direction, provides the following. We have the duty and responsibility to protect the environment. In the "13th Five-Year" in the first year, we;

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