n the first half of the province’s open recruitment career development staff 1730

April 6, 2017

provincial government in accordance with the overall arrangements for the province’s 2016 annual examination of recruitment recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security audit record, the province of Xining, Haidong, Hainan, Yushu, the 5 city state society oriented recruitment announcement, the county medical personnel and other institutions and organs of primary and middle school teachers, Qin a total of 1730 people.

it is reported that in the first half of this year, cities and counties in the province to open recruitment of the total number of job preparation staff. This year, the county medical personnel recruitment of teachers and primary and middle schools in our province, respectively, by the Provincial Department of education, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission and the provincial Commission Office approval, unified into the city state institutions annual recruitment scope, by the state to organize implementation. Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial organization department will focus on strengthening the comprehensive guidance and supervision of the work of city business recruitment, provide information, work platform, registration and other aspects of the written examination proposition technical support and docking services work, and the overall recruitment plan city state approval for the record, accelerate the establishment of a new mechanism of the recruitment business unit of unified norms and guidance, classification management.

Provincial Department of human resources and social security staff, this year’s recruitment work on the type of written test has been adjusted. After adjustment for the written examination subject "comprehensive ability" (comprehensive management, natural science, social science class professional and technical experts, teachers and medical care) and "occupation aptitude test" in two, by the human resources and social security of the national institutions of the Ministry of personnel examination center unified proposition the unified written marking. The adjustment will pay more attention to the test of the basic ability of candidates, effectively improve the scientific nature of the proposition and safety. In order to further meet the needs of grass-roots work and promote the province’s employment especially in the employment of college graduates this year, the provincial government to maintain the stability of the recruitment policy, preferential policies to implement a series of special groups, improve the state for the six registered candidates recruitment ratio. The west coast, Hainan, Yushu, three states in the recruitment of candidates in the state of the candidates for the position of up to 529, accounting for 63.5%, while the candidates will enjoy a written plus points and other tilt policy.


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