Western development assistance projects in our province to help poor students 2080

April 3, 2017

There will be 100 poor, excellent in character and learning class Hongzhi middle school students and 80 students admitted to the key university poor students benefit from the "western development assistance project" National Day later, per person per year respectively by 3000 yuan and 5000 yuan subsidy.

Province, western development assistance project "since 2000 officially started, this year a total funding of over 980 poor students, 1100 high school students, (in Ledu, Beijing, Huangzhong, a mutual aid office class Hongzhi 26), the amount of subsidy of 16 million 130 thousand yuan. High school funding 3000 yuan per academic year, the University Grants $5000 per academic year, a total of 20000 yuan in four years.

in the project implementation process, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, provincial civilization office and the school in a Huangzhong, a mutual always adhere to in line with the central funding requirements, give priority to care for poor families, pay attention to the requirements of minority principle, take effective measures, the loving care of the party and the government in a timely manner to the majority of outstanding poor students heart, for the poor students, excellent in character and learning to lay a road of hope, the road to success.

implementation of "western development assistance project" has been widely praised by people of all nationalities in our province, many people said: "from this matter to further feel the Communist Party and socialism, reform and opening up." Li Yongpeng, who lives in the town of Huangzhong stopped lung village, parents divorced in the early years, his father in order to live year-round work, he and his old grandmother, life is very tight. Now studying at the first middle school of Huangzhong County high school class Hongzhi Li Yongpeng said: "as the beneficiaries of the policy of national student, I knew it was not easily won, but also to cherish my life now, know more gratitude." (author: Zhao Jing)


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