The year of judicial reform from the report

March 31, 2017

to further promote the reform of the central deployment of major reform, earnestly implement the 65 reform initiatives of the people’s court"……

revision of the five year plan for the reform of procuratorial work, the introduction of the reform of the legal system of accountability and other documents of 23"……

2016 is the year to comprehensively deepen the reform of the judicial system. From the president of the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Zhou Qiang Cao Jianming 13 to the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress work report, people heard footsteps clanging steadily before the construction of the rule of law, but also clearly perceived China accelerate the construction of a fair, efficient and authoritative socialist judicial system, build a strong determination to uphold social fairness and justice the last line of defense.

critical path: moving really tough action, reinforce the foundation of judicial

"posts", which allows judges and prosecutors team reshuffle of the reform, touched the vital interests of the judiciary, to become a microcosm of China’s judicial reform in 2015. People from this year’s two high report to see, adhere to the problem oriented, to achieve efforts to crack the problem of continuous assault, is the biggest highlight of the past year, the judicial reform.

to promote reform, we must first consolidate the foundation.

judicial personnel classification management, judicial accountability, judicial personnel occupation security, promote the district court below the provincial procuratorate unified management of the four reform, the reform of the judicial system is the basic system of measures, the judicial accountability has been hailed as the "key".

"the introduction of the people’s court to improve the judicial responsibility system, so that the referee referee, the referee is responsible for. The judge is responsible for the quality of the case within the scope of responsibility." Supreme law work report pointed out that the relevant pilot court trial quality significantly improved."

of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate work report pointed out that in 2015, the procuratorial organs and improve the procuratorial power operation mechanism and judicial responsibility system. The sole prosecutor or the prosecutor handling the case handling group organization, prominent prosecutor handling the dominant position.

judicial responsibility system will eventually establish a set of standards, to further strengthen the sense of responsibility and self-discipline of judicial personnel handling the case, to promote justice more efficient and equitable." National People’s Congress, Xie Yong, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress, said, whether from the perspective of existing experience or from the point of view of the actual operating standards, the establishment of the judicial responsibility system also needs to overcome many difficulties."

how to abandon the existing judicial system in the old single management model, directly determines whether the reform can improve the level of justice, judicial efficiency.

Zhou Qiang said in the report, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hainan, Qinghai and other 18 pilot provinces and municipalities have completed the work of the 10094 judges, improve the overall quality of the judges. Cao Jianming pointed out that the prosecutor’s office to implement the system of attorney officials, the establishment of the prosecutor’s selection committee, the preferred selection of high level of business, judicial experience prosecutors in the first line of handling.

experts believe that posts;

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