Xining 2012 annual immunization of measles vaccine and measles, polio vaccine supplementary immuniza

March 30, 2017

to effectively control the spread of measles, on schedule to achieve the goal of elimination of measles in our city, continue to maintain polio free state. Since the beginning of March 31st, the city has enhanced measles vaccine and measles, polio vaccine leak replant activities carried out, the city’s health administrative departments at all levels, the CDC, grass-roots vaccination units and kindergartens and other relevant departments in accordance with provincial and municipal "enhanced measles vaccine and measles, polio vaccine leak replanting activities implementation plan" requirements of the elaborate organization, careful the deployment of active coordination of the combatants from veteran soldiers and able captains, strengthen training, in the city’s fixed point of concentration and inoculation in the nursery inoculation and school-age children centers to establish temporary vaccination, registration and vaccination activities for school-age children.
the temporary vaccination points are hanging banners, blackboard, eye-catching signs, contrast enhanced immunity and leak replant good atmosphere. Districts and counties are composed of the steering group, tour supervision and inspection of the implementation of the program. CDC supervision group since the beginning of March 28th in the city of measles and measles, polio leak replant work carried out tour supervision, supervision, inspection personnel through on-site observation, inquiry, active investigation and listen to the vaccination on the implementation of the event, to fully understand the immunization quality, on-site vaccination and timely vaccination work organization and the masses the awareness rate of situation, the problems timely in the field, to ensure that the activities of the quality of


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