To lay a solid foundation to build a Duocuobingju push effect

March 27, 2017

– Dong Xia Zhen "Datong county government enterprises build a model village" to carry out activities in hot

in order to further promote the military enterprises build a model village activities carried out smoothly and orderly, the correct leadership of Dongxia town Party committee and government leaders in the county government enterprises build a model village campaign group, in accordance with the "production development, well-off life, rural civilization, clean and tidy village, democratic management" requirements, to further deepen the understanding, outstanding duolong and Kangle model village characteristics, and actively build demonstration village, implement, results, set off a new upsurge of building activities.

, a high degree of attention, well-organized. town Party building activities in the process of implementation, attention, solidarity and cooperation, in accordance with municipal, county careful arrangements, set up a "Dong Xia Zhen military enterprises build a model village" activities leading group, study and formulate the "Dong Xia Zhen" military enterprises build a model village "implementation plan", a clear division of labor, the implementation of responsibility. And actively held Dong Xia Zhen "military enterprises build a model village" will mobilize arrangements for the town to build work, signed letters of responsibility and build a village. The village also act quickly, has held two committee members will 19 times, 9 times, the masses will be 16 times the blackboard newspaper 8, build a town leading group published the "Dong Xia Zhen" military enterprises build a model village campaign brochure "more than 1500 copies, issued to build the village household home, extensive publicity" military enterprises build a model village "the significance, task and goal, win support, to ensure the smooth implementation of activities to create a good environment for the masses. Each village were arranged 2 leading cadres to implement the building work in the Guidance Group duties and the way, the town leadership team building activities in strict accordance with the requirements of the villages and cities and counties, and stages of the refinement, highlighting the key stage work, and clearly put forward the completion time. In the system, the establishment of a working system of notification and contact point system. Each steering group members a week to go to the village of not less than 5 days, every three weeks to work through the village activities reflect the briefing. At the same time, every two weeks, the timing of the analysis will be held to inform the situation, research countermeasures, to deploy.

two, according to local conditions, highlighting the village improvement. in combination with the actual situation, the town Party committee in the first door, farmers and village walls renovation efforts to whitewash hardening, do repairs, household walls unified unified style, unified color, height, house door unified installation, all the village road hardening; establish long-term mechanism of environmental remediation, fully clean up the backlog of garbage, firewood, gravel, building materials clean up cluttered, eliminate Luandaluanjian and scribbling phenomenon, carry out village greening efforts, a new breakthrough in the village environment and improve the village appearance. is a 4 to build a village in accordance with the high starting point, high standard, long-term, according to the program of scientific planning, to ensure that the preparation of the planning in line with the requirements of the new rural construction, in line with rural realities. two is a prominent feature of , strengthen the construction of residential. Positive;

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