Xining once again clean up 45 items of administrative examination and approval

March 26, 2017

"Xining Municipal People’s government decided to cancel and adjust administrative approval directory", "Xining urban planning regulations (Draft)", "Xining City motor vehicle exhaust pollution control management approach (Revised Draft)" and other issues are Xining municipal government committee. As the northwest provincial administrative examination and approval of the least provincial capital city, Xining administrative examination and approval matters will soon be downsizing, intends to cancel and adjust the 45 administrative examination and approval items.

it is reported that the comprehensive clean up the existing 130 administrative examination and approval of the project, a total of cancellation and adjustment of 45. Among them, 8 administrative approval items canceled, including the issuance of seal engraving industry special trade license, Chinese citizens of EEP, qualification of teachers, because of the expense approval, accounting agency qualification examination and approval etc..

decentralized management level administrative examination and approval of the project 7, including veterinary drug business license, the qualification of the metrological verification, measurement standard device assessment, manufacture, repair, such as permit measurement instruments.

with 21 administrative approval projects, including investment projects within the limits of government approval, limit foreign investment project approval, within the limits of the enterprise investment projects approved, foreign travel permits, residence permit, visa and other ordinary foreigners.

change management of the administrative examination and approval items 6, including outdoor advertising registration, mainland residents to Taiwan pass, Taiwan residents to the mainland of residence for Taiwan residents endorsements, endorsement, construction projects for the pre-trial etc..

as well as hygiene products production license, maternal and child health care technical personnel certificate and maternal and child health care service license, etc., will be in accordance with the provisions of the law to regulate the project name, modify.


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