Steering group of the Ministry of health supervision of medical disputes in the city people’s mediat

March 21, 2017

The day before, carried out by the Ministry of health medical secretary Li Wenjing as head of the steering group of 4 people in our city and create safe hospital and medical dispute mediation work

days ago, carried out by the Ministry of health medical secretary Li Wenjing as head of the steering group of 4 people in our city and create safe hospital and medical dispute mediation work.

steering group held a forum on the work of the people’s mediation work in medical disputes held in the provincial military region. Provincial Health Department deputy director Wang Xiaoqin attended the forum, Provincial Health Bureau of medical affairs department, the provincial insurance regulatory bureau, the Provincial Justice Department, the Municipal Judicial Bureau, city comprehensive management office, the Municipal Health Bureau and the provincial and municipal medical institutions responsible person to participate in the discussion. At the meeting, Provincial Health Bureau of medical affairs, she recorded Kai researcher, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of health Guo Wei respectively in Qinghai Province, Xining city to create safe hospital and explore the people’s medical dispute mediation work made a report. Subsequently, the judicial departments, comprehensive management, insurance and medical institutions responsible departments, combined with the actual situation of the unit to create safe hospital, carry out the people’s medical dispute mediation, mediation, the significance of the establishment of mediation mechanism proposed good advice and suggestions.

Steering Group on the province, the city to create safe hospital and to carry out the work of people’s mediation of medical disputes fully affirmed. Director Li Wenjing pointed out that since 2007 started to create safe hospital, all localities and departments have done a lot of solid work, understanding, concerted efforts of various departments, linkage, and achieved good results. 2011 the National People’s Congress on the implementation of the people’s mediation after the teleconference, in order to do a good job in medical dispute mediation as the starting point to strengthen social management innovation. The implementation of this work, is a to actively seek the Party committee and government attach great importance to the Party committee and government, judicial departments, public security, health, finance, insurance, human resources and social security departments to establish multi sectoral linkage mechanism. two is to establish and improve the long-term working mechanism of , and gradually standardize the mediation process to make it standardized and institutionalized, the implementation of the workplace, personnel and funding. Strengthen the prevention, guidance, stability control, mediation, legal aid and legal services and other links. three is to strengthen medical quality and medical safety management, improve service quality. The health industry is the service window, the safety management work is a very important link, must strengthen the supervision, causes its health, the coordinated development.

After the end of the

forum, the steering group and his party went to the east of the main street of the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the hospital medical dispute mediation room and Huangzhong County People’s mediation work carried out on the medical dispute between the conversation and on-site information.



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