Xining City Health Bureau held a review of rural primary health care feedback and the fourth quarter

March 21, 2017

September 16th, the Municipal Health Bureau organized in 2010 the city’s primary health care in rural areas and the four quarter will review the feedback of rural health work will promote the City Health Bureau fwnz deputy director, Datong County, East District, North District in charge of city and county (District) rural health management and municipal primary health care expert review evaluation of a total of 22 people attended the meeting.
will, autonomous region Municipal Health Bureau informed the Municipal Health Bureau of counties (districts) of primary health care planning review to assess the situation, the municipal assessment experts were feedback problems in the evaluation, and puts forward suggestions for improvement. Meanwhile, the Municipal Health Bureau of the Department of gynecology in the fourth quarter of the focus of rural health work arrangements, and put forward the requirements, one is to do a good job in the rural areas of the current review of the work of the provincial review of the provincial inspection and quarantine work. Two is to further promote the township and village health institutions two level of accreditation, ten technical construction, health service management and the integration of two lines of revenue and expenditure and performance appraisal management work must be completed in October self assessment work summary. Three is to be fully completed in November, rural residents filing work and information entry. Four is to further strengthen the construction of rural health team, the full completion of the annual Township, village health professional and technical personnel training, the full implementation of the village medical subsidies assessment work. To conscientiously do a good job in 2011 NCMS financing work, to ensure that farmers’ participation rate reached 95% above. The six is to do a good job in the new rural cooperative fund supervision, sentinel medical institutions supervision and management training, to ensure the safe operation of the fund. Seven is to strengthen the pace of the new rural cooperative medical information network construction, do a good job in the work of participating in the information update, the full completion of direct medical institutions under the HIS system and the new rural cooperative network docking.

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