Zhang Xiaorong supervision and inspection of some of Xining’s education projects

March 21, 2017

Such a beautiful campus, so first-class supporting. Xining "12th Five-Year" education layout adjustment is indeed impressive and exciting, the Xining school conditions have been changed fundamentally, lay a solid foundation for the development and adjustment of education during the city’s "13th Five-Year". We should fully implement the spirit of the speech of secretary Wang Xiao in the teachers’ day this year and excellent teachers’ discussion of the next step, should be more concerned about the fairness of education, pay more attention to the equalization of basic public service, at the same time in preschool education, education, education in rural districts and other efforts to achieve the equalization of educational equity and the education resources. September 21st afternoon, the mayor of Zhang Xiaorong in the city of some of the educational projects after the supervision and inspection stressed that.

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