The first column of the Lake Race train departure yesterday in Beijing

March 21, 2017

The first column of the

Lake Race train departure to Beijing yesterday! Today, along with the train arrived at the destination, the fifteenth session of the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race officially entered the countdown to the 100 day sprint mode".

on the afternoon of April 6th, people were surprised to find that the train from Xining to Beijing West Z152 train and usually not the same, the car carrying a full range of the lake and the province’s six major international competition elements. Outside the car, the fifteenth race around the lake is particularly eye-catching words; inside the car, the wonderful moments of the six international events can be seen everywhere. When Liu Meiyi arrived at the station, he found the train that was not the same. "It’s a great idea to take our most proud race in Qinghai on the train," he said. "The 100" good "." Liu Mei is very familiar with the race around the lake, she said he set foot on the train that moment, a sense of belonging. The thought of the people all over the country in the future can be seen in Qinghai these big events, I feel especially proud. It is understood that the Lake Race train a total of four columns, a column from Xining to Beijing West to open, another column from Lanzhou to Lhasa by the open. As an ambassador to the lake and Qinghai sports, the train along the way is a comprehensive display of the image of Qinghai".

at the same time, the fifteenth round of the lake today officially entered the countdown to the 100 day. Provincial Sports Bureau and the relevant departments of the move, is to commemorate this special moment, and expand the influence of the Lake Race propaganda, enhance the event brand. This is the lake organizing committee as one of the fifteenth Lake Race planning promotional activities, in order to race around the lake "green, civilized and harmonious" theme to all parts of the country, leading everyone to participate in the national fitness. In addition, a series of online and fifteenth Lake Race activity has also been launched, there are fifteenth Lake race like a raging fire prize essay, the first tour of Qinghai Lake cycling League activities nationwide; the recruitment of volunteers around the race, race around the Lake painting contest, Lake Race photography contest, race around the lake, the baby named the official tournament training camp, Lake Race stamp design contest and other activities will also be launched according to the rhythm.

, director of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Management Center Wang Xianzhong said the lake organizing committee will be fifteen games as an opportunity, through a series of activities will be held around the race is rooted in the masses heart, with brand competition influence led to the masses fitness awareness, achieve professional events and fitness goals to proceed. Since last year, the Organizing Committee put forward the "creative events +" concept, take measures to expand bearing events, strengthen domestic and international exchanges, promoting regional cooperation and enhance the competition of the development of cross-border integration, the development of a full range of events surrounding the layout of various products, promote the realization of the tournament platform to race around the lake ecological system upgrade, to further enhance the match the brand value.


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