Xining City North District RS to implement tax incentives

March 21, 2017

Obey, Chengbei District of Xining City Office of the State Administration of taxation services "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment of the overall situation, focus on enhancing the power of enterprise development and their ability to resist risks, support local economic development, the full implementation of preferential tax policies. So far this year, has accumulated VAT refund 164 million 470 thousand yuan, of which the structural tax refund of $141 million 400 thousand.

to ensure timely taxpayers to enjoy preferential tax policies for the country, the use of Tax Bureau portal, tax service hotline 12366, the tax rate, the tax rate QQ group forum, the tax service hall bulletin channels of extensive publicity and provide tax consulting services. At the same time, carefully combing the tax preferential policy, optimize the tax relief tax rebate for the process, and actively implement the sunshine operation, to help solve practical problems for the taxpayer taxpayers; business scale, mode of operation, enjoy preferential tax types, the timing and constant reminder, timely inform the taxpayer for tax matters; the implementation of the policy of hundred-percent, not reach the starting point of the value added tax and tax payers of vegetable circulation, strictly fulfill the collection procedures, scientific and reasonable tax; according to the actual area of many agricultural enterprises, to carry out the work of cleaning up agriculture enterprises and ensure the implementation of tax preferential agricultural enterprises.  

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