Development Zone to be a pioneer in Entrepreneurship innovation

March 21, 2017

In March 26th, the mayor of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Director Wang Yubo led the Municipal Standing Committee, deputy director of the Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Yao Lin, municipal committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang and relevant departments, in-depth economic and Technological Development Zone of Xining were part of the park enterprises, employment, business innovation research. Wang Yubo pointed out that the public entrepreneurial innovation is steady growth, structural adjustment of strategic initiatives, is an effective way to deal with the economic downward pressure is an important focus of the current government work. Xining economic and Technological Development Zone is the experimental field of reform, is the gathering area of entrepreneurship and innovation, to entrepreneurship and innovation as the theme of development, strengthening technological innovation, system innovation, management innovation, and strive to become the city’s public entrepreneurship, innovation leader.

in the Kang beautiful Chinese city, that the project will be as the first line of Cordyceps trading center, a year is expected to achieve the Cordyceps trading volume of 200 thousand tons, the transaction amount of up to 20 billion, Wang Yubo is very favorable. He said that Xining is the province’s main Cordyceps trading center. With the rapid development of e-commerce today, enterprises should grasp the national macro policy guidance, the use of "Internet plus" to create a new model in Tibetan medicine Cordyceps sinensis and trading, and strive to establish the authority of discourse in terms of Cordyceps price index, quality testing. To create regional characteristics of business brand. He asked the person in charge of the city’s business, human and social sectors, to effectively help enterprises to do a good job of personnel training, electricity supplier training, market development and other work to help and support enterprises bigger and stronger.

in Qinghai Thai grain and oil limited company of science and technology, enterprises have learned to have more than and 10 patents, Wang Yubo encourages enterprises relying on special resources in new technology research and development inputs, and constantly create new products, with the advantages of technological innovation, expand market space for enterprise development. Qinghai xindingxiang grain and oil company set up enterprises for raw clove Group bankruptcy, enterprises through technological transformation after new vigor. Wang Yubo pointed out that technological innovation is endless. Enterprises through technological transformation, optimization and upgrading;

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