110 martial arts masters will compete for the title of champion in Xining

March 20, 2017

January 16th

day held in Qinghai the first master of North Wudang boxing tournament press conference, 110 players qualify in January 22nd will be a showdown in Qinghai Normal University gymnasium.

co sponsored by the Provincial Sports Bureau, Provincial Sports Association, Xining City Tourism Bureau, Xining evening news agency and other units of the first Qinghai North Wudang master boxing tournament caused widespread concern in the community, because this is a provincial sports registration review more stringent, so far across the province to sign players to break 130, careful screening after organizing committee, the final 110 players qualify. From the application’s point of view, they were from the armed forces, institutions, schools and society from all walks of life, including sports circles that the heroine, this will be a high standard in Sanda, martial arts sports event, and the positive effect on the winter tourism market to promote the Datong County and Xining City from.

newspaper as one of the organisers for love feedback of the readers of the "Xining Evening News" the request of the readers, the newspaper will continue to give the value of 300 yuan for the readers of boxing tournament tickets, please readers in 17 days, 18 days, 19 day by day "Xining Evening News" to the south, 71 street off the road the imperial court Hot pot shop to receive, a limited number, send out so far.


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