Go to the grassroots level and the brilliant achievements of scientific development the plateau high

March 20, 2017

east of Lanzhou, north of the Hexi Corridor, west of Golmud, south of the source area of Sanjiang — a hub of Xining Qinghai plateau highway network has been formed and perfected.

completed in July 2001 the Pingxi Expressway ended without the highway on the Tibetan Plateau in history. After less than ten years, our province has successively built Xining to Datong, Xining to Kumbum Monastery, Xining to Adai expressway, Xining to Huangyuan, Huangyuan to Daotang River, Xining and Huangzhong to mutual aid highway to Guide two Highway 12 highway, formed with Xining as the center, the radiation surrounding the "m" type of high grade highway network. Xining city has also formed a road network layout along the direction of the Huangshui River, road network as the "four horizontal and eleven vertical ring".

Xining not only forms a high grade highway network around the radiation, but also plays an important role in the national highway network. Chaoyang in Pingxi Expressway Interchange, it ended in the wave of interchange Xining West transit Expressway opened in October 28, 2010, is an important part of Beijing to Lhasa Expressway in Qinghai national highway network, the route and the Xi Huang highway connecting, a total length of 20.05 km. The completion of this road, opened the Xining city transit traffic bottleneck, to improve our province road structure and city traffic fast distribution, improve traffic radiation function of Xining Tibet Plateau of central city, accelerate Qinghai eastern city construction group, to promote the province’s economic and social development has very important significance.

as the main urban road planning Xining city traffic network "four vertical and eleven horizontal part of the" main Wang, Xining city "12th Five-Year" during the planning of the largest investment in regional transport infrastructure projects, Lantau Peak expressway construction project also started in September this year. Lantau Peak expressway project is one of the key projects in the construction of urban agglomerations in the east of our province. According to the provincial government on the implementation of the "four zone two line" development strategy, speed up the Qinghai eastern city construction group overall deployment to Xining as the center of development, Lantau Peak expressway will build fully reflects Xining City Road "four vertical and eleven horizontal part of the" way of thinking, it’s built for the future of city infrastructure the construction will play an important supporting role. At the same time, to promote the Nanchuan City urbanization, has important strategic significance to enhance the city road traffic function. (author: Yuan Yuhong)


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