Biological Park 106 enterprises in the incubation base full of vitality

March 20, 2017

This year, the province continued to strengthen the training of small and medium-sized enterprises, to ease the financing difficulties, around the characteristics of resources, the development of special industries, and strive to build industrial base and industrial clusters, as of now, the park a total of 106 enterprises full of vitality in the incubator.

a bio industry enterprises born in the biological incubator base, in accordance with its own characteristics to break a path of their own. A flower is dried chrysanthemums in the transparent glass in bright and open, with a few red wolfberry, look fresh and bright. The company responsible person, this is their main product "crown plateau chrysanthemum", is the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany and Biology Research Institute experts of the Qinghai plateau in Beijing introduction and seedling domestication, planting in Longhua, Tongren, Huangzhong, a golden plateau "crown of Chrysanthemum", not only enriched land also help the local farmers’ income, an acre of land to the local farmers’ income of about 4000 yuan.

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