nnovative development ideas to establish a chase model

March 20, 2017

chase for the transition of modern agricultural development explore new way

in recent years, Datong County focus on the Datong construction has become a production base of green agricultural products "important city of Xining and the" strong chase, general requirements for service in Xining ", to" chase the unique location advantage, geographical advantage, industry advantage, park advantage, brand advantage "five major advantages to industry the concept of leisure, idea, concept, the concept of market circulation" four big idea, seize the historical opportunity of national support economic development in minority areas, out of an agricultural facilities, industrial scale, circulation, product branding, market sales of the "Five" synchronization, transformation and upgrading of modern agriculture the road of development, formed a unique pattern of datong.

(1) agricultural facilities. the development of modern agriculture is the inevitable requirement of Scientific Outlook on Development to guide the agricultural and rural work, is a profound understanding of the development of agriculture and national laws for policy oriented agricultural development to grasp, is the western underdeveloped areas to accelerate the new rural construction, an important way of rich farmers. At present, is in transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, in practice the development of modern agriculture has put forward innovative ideas, adhere to the development of modern agriculture to industry concept, this is a big adjustment in Datong agricultural development, a major upgrade and guide agricultural development mode. According to the enterprise production, scale management, brand sales, market financing and other advanced industrial concepts into agricultural production, processing, sales and other links, with the material conditions of modern agricultural equipment, modern agricultural science and technology improvement, promoting agriculture with modern industry system, promote modern agriculture the form of operation, led by the idea of development to enhance modern agriculture, agricultural industrialization, scale and level of development of the park. Focus on the integration of the 12 agricultural industrial park has become a collective work of farmers workshop, farmers do not become the door of the modern agricultural workers. In 2011 the total size of the solar greenhouse reached 21 thousand tons, the production area of 21 thousand acres of vegetable, vegetable production reached 105 thousand tons, vegetable production exceeded 280 thousand tons; vegetables in Xining market supply rate increased from 16% in 2009 to 28% in 2011.

(two) industry scale. the development of agriculture is the core of modern agriculture and promote the development of Datong, Datong agricultural development is an important task of the realization of agricultural modernization, focus on security of supply, to provide the target leisure ", adhere to the Datong Xining city built an important" vegetable basket "and leisure sightseeing agricultural bases in this position does not shake, accelerate agricultural and the development of animal husbandry facilities facilities. one is farmers own business model. Since 1995 by farmers voluntarily paid way and financing construction of vegetable greenhouse, the mode of operation of the greenhouses probably has about 10 thousand buildings, the main production of rape, cucumber, tomatoes and other vegetables in greenhouses, operating in good condition;

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