Xining municipal government party (enlarged) meeting ningxinjuli promote implement decisions

March 19, 2017

January 19th, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government party (enlarged) meeting to convey Learning Party of the thirteen plenary meeting of the twelve session of the spirit and requirements of all the party members and cadres to intensive reading, reading Wang Xiao Secretary of the important speech, practical thinking and action into the municipal policies and arrangements, unified to the "12315" general purpose the human resources, promote the party plenum implement the decisions and arrangements.

Zhang Xiaorong pointed out that the Municipal Committee of the thirteen plenary session of the twelve, is in the city to promote the coordination of "four comprehensive" strategic layout, to build the well-off society entered the decisive stage held a very important meeting, the meeting examined and adopted the "13th Five-Year" municipal planning "proposal", put forward in the next 5 years must adhere to the "12315" the general objective, clear strategic goals and value orientation of Xining "in 13th Five-Year and the coming period, grasp the future development trends and conditions, in response to the masses expectations, reflects the Xining act, for the next five years painted a blueprint for the development, is a programmatic document guiding the development of Xining" 13th Five-Year ".

Zhang Xiaorong pointed out that the study and implementation of the municipal Party committee, especially the important speech of secretary of the spirit of the city of Wang Xiao, is an important political task of the current and future period. The vice mayor should seriously study and understand the spirit of leading the party plenum, conscious mind with the spirit of the meeting, to guide the work, pay close attention to implementation; all regions and departments shall, through the convening of a special study, special counseling and other forms, organize cadres and workers to carry out learning.

Zhang Xiaorong pointed out that "12315" goal system for the development of the "13th Five-Year" period, is to create the core and the key of happiness in Xining ". In the study, we must deeply understand the essence of the spirit, grasp the core meaning. One is to accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, to seize the central to promote the supply side structural reform policy opportunities, to accelerate the production capacity, to inventory, to leverage, to reduce cost, make a short board, continue to play the main battlefield, the main engine of economic Park and main force, build around the "3 growth pole", "3 one hundred billion yuan of economic growth", with excellent stock, incremental expansion, speed up the upgrading of traditional industries, foster the development of new industry, promote the industry towards high-end, and enhance the economic development potential. The two is to vigorously promote the city "double double reduction", start new construction, efforts to expand the new space of the city, improve the city carrier services, Xining development to create a new map, provide important support for economic and social development. The three is to speed up the preparation of the "outline". In accordance with the municipal Party committee and municipal Party committee plenary session of the "proposal" "13th Five-Year" direction, planning ideas, objectives and tasks and priorities, to amend and improve the "13th Five-Year" plan "Outline", to ensure that the main objectives, concepts, principles and major projects, major projects and other aspects, and through. The four is to implement the spirit of the party plenum to promote this year’s work closely together. All regions and departments should focus on the development goals and priorities of the municipal Party committee to further refine the responsibility, clear focus, overall planning to do a good job this year, to focus on the first quarter;

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