The introduction of the province to speed up the construction of Tibetan herbal cultivation base

March 19, 2017

Recently, the general office of the provincial government issued a speeding up the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines in the construction of the views of the base

. Requires localities to develop scale, standardization and strong impetus to the planting base in Tibetan medicine, supporting a number of forestry cooperatives and enterprises as the goal, plan completed in 2020 4 with regional advantages in Tibetan medicine production and protection zone, planting area reached 56 thousand and 700 hectares, of which Chinese wolfberry planting area of 33 thousand and 300 hectares, and strive to Qinghai into the northwest and the country an important production base of raw materials in Tibetan medicine.

the "opinions" requirements to accelerate the development of construction in Tibetan medicine base to determine the reasonable development of the layout, including the construction of forest medicine in loess hilly area of Eastern Qilian mountainous area, the production of Tibetan medicine production and conservation area, Qaidam Basin, Tibetan medicine and Tibetan medicine production area of Sanjiang source in production area in four has the advantage of regional development in the Tibetan medicine production and protection zone. Provincial Forestry Department should pay close attention to the development of the province’s Tibetan medicinal herbs planting base construction plan, priority to the development of Tibetan medicinal herbs planted in the forest and bionic planting base. The construction of standardized production demonstration base of more than 50, the full implementation of the designated point of seed, seedling, production, supply orientation, make clear, clear provenance, varieties of sales going well. The focus of the province to establish a variety of Tibetan medicine varieties breeding base of more than 466.67 hectares.

at the same time, strengthen the protection of wildlife resources, scientific delineation of wild Tibetan medicine resources reserve, increase the forest area, forest tending and wild Tibetan medicine base construction, the establishment of modern monitoring and protection system and detection of network resources. The development of new business entities, and strive to 2020 cultivation in Tibetan medicine planting professional cooperative organizations 100 above, the construction of the primary processing base 50, the formation of specialized cooperative organizations leading enterprises, thousands of households participate in forest economic development in the new situation.


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