Six new city broke out a new pattern of clean government

March 19, 2017

in the past 2013, the city Party committee and government at all levels and discipline inspection and supervision organs to seriously implement the central and provincial Party Committee on anti-corruption deployment requirements, the strict party discipline, strict implementation of the provisions of the central eight, resolutely investigate and discipline violations, and promote the anti-corruption work in the punishment and prevention system construction as the key point, after the party committees and governments at all levels and discipline inspection and supervision organs work together, and the anti-corruption struggle formed a distinctive feature of the new progress in the new results, showing six "new", make Xining anti-corruption new pattern, win a burst of applause from all walks of life. To play a leading role in new achievements and promote anti-corruption work in the implementation of responsibility, to further strengthen the party committees (party) the first responsibility of anti-corruption responsibility consciousness and the consciousness of the party and government leaders. Municipal Party committee standing committee listened to the study of honest government, the deployment of key tasks in person, major issues personally intervene, the key link in person to coordinate. Formulated a clean government accountability assessment and evaluation methods and routine work, the first to implement a separate assessment, separate rewards and punishments, one vote veto system. 2008 – 2012 the punishment and prevention system of the task completed, initially established a permanent education mechanism to resist corruption, anti-corruption system, power control system, investigating cases of punishment mechanism and risk control mechanism. To implement the provisions of the eight new features according to the provisions of the central eight requirements in the style of the building, promptly took out 15 measures, to further improve the work style of close ties with the masses, have been established in the official reception, thorough investigation and other five supporting system. Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the division of the county Party Secretary, county and municipal departments in charge of the main person responsible for the interview, urging Party organizations at all levels to conscientiously implement the spirit of the eight provisions. The first in the province to carry out the "Yong lazy luxury" special rectification activities, is composed of 69 inspection teams to 195 departments and units, work discipline, service attitude, efficiency, official vehicles, official reception etc. to carry out a thorough investigation of 271, 205 people were accountable, 10 party and government discipline people, dismissal dismissed 2 people, 105 people informed criticism, admonishing conversation of 24 people, 19 regions and units subject to criticism. By carrying out normal supervision and inspection, thorough investigation, real-time tracking of important nodes accountable, Party members and cadres at all levels of responsibility, integrity and service consciousness is obviously improved, significantly improved work style. The city going abroad (border) funds fell 15%, vehicle purchase costs fell by 25%, official hospitality fell by 21%. Carry out membership card repaying activities in the city party and government cadres, to achieve a "zero hold, zero report". Through a series of positive wind Su Ji special action, to persist, and small victories in party and government led community wind;

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