Xining 10 years of year results basically reach the national assessment requirements

March 19, 2017

Xining city since 2003 to carry out the creation of environmental protection model city, the healthy development of the economy at the same time, the city infrastructure construction is perfect, and constantly improve the environmental supervision capacity, environmental quality improved significantly, meet the basic requirements of the national environmental protection model city assessment index. This reporter recently learned from the provincial environmental protection department.

2003, Xining city is not a city sewage treatment plant, the city is only a landfill, and has built the city and 3 counties of 7 sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment, the city a total of 275 thousand tons. Built in Xining fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant, the basic realization of the city’s sewage, full collection, full treatment, full measurement and control". The implementation of the Yin Jia Gou Shen Jia Gou, two landfill landfill leachate treatment project construction, city landscaping project, start the implementation of the Nanshan green barrier, small unitary Hill ecological management, Beishan rock governance, Huangshui River basin ecological greening, Xichuan wetland theme park construction and a series of large-scale ecological greening the project, initially formed a "space city forest ecosystem pattern of a nuclear two zone and three axis, the city of Victoria, the park.

it is understood that, at present, Xining agricultural source emission reduction steadily, motor vehicle emission reduction has played a significant benefit, the main task of four consecutive years to complete the total emission reduction targets. Since 2009, Xining city has invested heavily in environmental capacity building, built a province, city and county (Park) automatic monitoring network and the three network center platform of online sources of pollution, the city’s state-controlled enterprises on-line monitoring the implementation rate of 100%. Ten years, the basic realization of Xining City catering industry clean fuel, buses, taxis clean energy utilization rate of up to 93%. In five provinces and cities in the northwest of the province, the first implementation of motor vehicle green label management. (author: Wang Chunyan)


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