Take the lead in good criticism and self-criticism

March 19, 2017

Criticism and self-criticism is a powerful guarantee for the Communist Party of China to maintain its advanced nature and purity. It is a powerful weapon to resolve the contradictions within the party. Only with an open mind to accept criticism can we constantly improve ourselves, improve ourselves, and improve ourselves. A unit, a team of criticism and self-criticism carried out well, and leadership can have a direct relationship. The courage to face the problem, the courage to self Jieduan, is a basic requirement for the leading cadres of the party consciousness. Some leading cadres to worry about making a self-criticism will "lose face", "scandalous" outside the Yang, unwilling to make self-criticism, the own problems more and more, not only affects the improvement of the individual, but also cause losses to work. It should be recognized that self-criticism is correct, is to improve their own quality and progress of the "gas station", is an important manifestation of honesty, enterprising. To consciously overcome fear wrong ideas of "losing face, loss of prestige," stand in "found the problem is achievement, expose the problems is a party", not only check the superiors know, the masses have strong problem, but to find others not aware of the problem; not only check the work of the shortcomings and mistakes, but also to find the deep-seated problems exist in ideology, party spirit accomplishment, this can lead others to carry out criticism and self-criticism.

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