Xining second half of the year through the computer Yaohao Yaohao distribution of public rental

March 19, 2017

In May 28, 2013, Xining introduced the "measures" Xining city public rental housing management, through the program three audit two publicity, in September 2013 the first batch of open social allocation of the 500 units of public rental housing to solve the housing problem, part of the masses. In order to do a better job in the allocation of affordable housing, so that more people enjoy the country’s Huimin policy. This year, Xining will be the focus of the work of ensuring housing distribution as a fine work, by combing the housing, the development of the distribution plan and other work, plans to solve the problem of housing in low-income families in batches. Recently, Xining intends to social distribution of public rental housing more than 1000 sets. Is currently being carried out preparatory work related to the distribution of the second half of the year is expected to open the way to the community through the computer yaohao.  

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