Do you know what procedures do non-staple food store

March 19, 2017

no matter what business are many of the relevant procedures, especially the shop to do business if it is to need a lot of procedures, even today, non-staple food, the shop is a need for the relevant procedures, then, ready to open your grocery store, grocery store to do what procedures for this problem? It is not clear to investors, to listen to a small detail for you


you need to handle documents and documents required steps:

a to the local industry and commerce to approve a shop name, brand name more than a few, because you can’t use the same. The validity of the name approved by the trade and Industry Bureau is valid within 20 days from the date of approval.

b took the name of the name approved by the industry and commerce to the health and epidemic prevention station for the "health permit" (the need for physical examination, to do health certificate) the general cost of about one hundred dollars.

c: take "health permit" of two copies, 3 inch photos, 2 copies of ID card, a copy of the lease contract, and the name of approval, go back to the local industry and commerce to apply for business license, now working speed, about 10 minutes to do business license.

d holding business license, health permits to the Inland Revenue Department for tax registration certificate, very simple. Ok your procedures are complete!

cost issues:

1: monthly pay industrial and commercial management fees; cost specific reference to local policies, not uniform. 3 annual fee for your individual business license to verify the sticker, the cost is not high.

2: health permits once a year, the cost is higher, but usually do not pay fees.

creative is not easy, in the business before they will get everything ready in case there will be confused, these documents are not small, I hope you can remember, if you an amount less than 5000 yuan a month, then do not pay taxes, the state provisions. The amount of processing fees are not uniform around the specific reference to local policies.

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