Online shop how to successfully create a burst

March 19, 2017

if you can, almost every operator wants to create a burst of money, so that the store will have a better operation, so that they get a higher profit income. After all, Taobao is now more and more intense competition, once the "sell themselves" era has become the past! Now the times are: quality baby + reasonable promotion. Explosion is to create a method of promotion! The success of their shop explosion models, can make their own shops blockbuster, explosion orders!

but, how to do to successfully create their own shop explosion? As a way to create a burst of money, every Taobao sellers want to do, but the result is that only the individual sellers out. Explosion is not easy to see the play can be oh, because the explosion is to create a lot of factors need to be considered, and how to open the shop on the small series on the following five points and we say in detail!

first point: to create a burst of time

first, to create a burst, had to be in the first quarter of 1-2 months. Is the so-called "the early bird catches the worm", it will be too late if you create explosion models start in the season, because those popular word ranking have been accounted for, and they also have a lot of sales records, when you want to squeeze up is very difficult. Must pay attention to popular category changes, focus on the large flow of change, ahead of the layout.

second points: select

this election, I think so, in the selection of explosive goods, pay attention to its cost. Because the commodity to sell, the first factor is the price can not be too high, but also the quality of clearance. So the price is particularly important, grasp the quality and profitability of the middle point is the seller to do this time. Secondly, the choice of the style of goods to meet the aesthetic trend of consumers at that time. To seize the lead and the trend of fashion, you can give it a try which style is more popular. Put a few models at the same time, to ensure that the flow of each style is basically the same, and then after a period of time, the volume is relatively large that style is more potential to create explosive style.

first, find relatives and friends as the goal, to find the highlights of each product. Based on what can sell hot, and then through the statistics of quantum constant road, through train, natural flow or the buyer’s attention to a product. The style chosen, but also to ensure adequate inventory, adequate price, enough profit to understand where the purpose of paragraph. Is to drain, a lot of drainage, not to make money. Selection is a very big detail, the style is not good, baby scores low, will allow you to create a lot of difficulty in the process of creating explosive. In short, the choice of the baby to have a burst of prospective and prospective, wan not blindly arbitrary.

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