Several skills of small supermarket location

March 19, 2017

now on the market a variety of small supermarkets can be seen everywhere, and large supermarkets, small supermarket investment costs are relatively small, bear the risk of smaller, and therefore more popular by ordinary entrepreneurs. Today, the whole network Xiaobian for everyone to talk about small supermarket store selection techniques

don’t store signs or light box store due to the restriction of environmental conditions can not be set up shop or store means light, eye-catching and clear will be greatly reduced, and eye-catching and clear small supermarket is an important means to ensure the passenger. Do you want to open a small supermarket to make money in the evening if you do not have a bright shop how to let passers-by know that this is a 24 – hour small supermarket.

to climb stairs, shops and the former to climb the stairs into the store, will bring inconvenience to consumers, thus violating the principle of small supermarket provides convenient.

This is some small supermarket store selection skills

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