To create a safe network environment in Jiangsu province began to implement the real name system

March 19, 2017

The popularity of

Internet brings great convenience for our life, let some people through the Internet to build up the family fortunes, but there are also some people because of Internet fraud. In August this year, Shandong prospective college students Xu Yuyu suffered due to communications fraud and sudden death is sadly sigh. Combat communications fraud, has become popular. To create a secure network environment, Jiangsu began to implement the real name system, the following measures for this specific understanding.

held yesterday at the fourth Jiangsu Internet Conference, Jiangsu Provincial Communications Administration Secretary Su Shaolin said, in order to let everyone have a secure network environment, Jiangsu is implementing the real name system, all of the fixed telephone and mobile phone including broadband to real name. In addition, "Jiangsu province Internet development report (2015 year)" and "Jiangsu province Internet Security Report (2015 year)" released report shows that Internet users information was leaked is one of the most "trouble".

Internet development

4416 million Internet users, bow family accounted for more than 90%


report shows that as of the end of December 2015, Jiangsu Internet users reached 44 million 160 thousand, the proportion of men and women: 53.3:46.7. The report also pointed out that the bow family more and more, Jiangsu mobile phone users reached 40 million 670 thousand people in the proportion of Internet users in the proportion of,

From the

report, Jiangsu Internet users younger age was evident. According to the survey, Jiangsu people first contact with the Internet age from 8.2 years in 2014 fell to 7.5 years old, among them "before the age of 6" access to the Internet is higher than in 2014 increased by 3.4 percentage points, reaching 31.3%. In addition, the report shows that the proportion of Internet users in Jiangsu, the highest proportion of the student population, the proportion of 23.8%. Internet users have different income levels, some non income, and some monthly income of more than 8000 yuan, of which the vast majority are less than $5000 per month.

report also shows that in 2015, the average weekly Internet users in Jiangsu 27.9 hours, higher than the national average (26.2 hours) higher than an hour.

Internet network security

Jiangsu is deceived hardest hit last year, cheated amount of 2 billion

"now, people (603883, shares) to abhor communication network fraud, I often receive SMS fraud. Jiangsu province is the largest economy, but also have the hardest hit. Last year, Jiangsu filed 116 thousand, cheated amount of 2 billion yuan." At the conference, director of the Jiangsu Provincial Communications Authority recommended

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