Sleeping bags ten brands list

March 19, 2017

give yourself a leisure time in the busy work, or give your body a chance to exercise, in short, outdoor sports is now becoming more and more popular, so the sleeping bag also ushered in the best period. Of course, the sleeping bag market has a lot of brands, the majority of consumers can provide a better choice. Next, let Xiaobian to reveal the sleeping bag ten brands list, so that we can have a better choice.

ten sleeping bags brand ranking NO.1, celestone HIGHROCK: originated in Canada, professional design and production of outdoor sports and recreation supplies business, sleeping bags industry well-known brands, Tianjin Tianshi Leisure Products Co. ltd..

ten sleeping bags brand ranking NO.2, Pathfinder Toread: high-tech enterprises in Beijing, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games licensed manufacturers, large outdoor equipment providers, Toread Outdoor Products Co in Beijing.

ten sleeping bags brand rankings, OZARK NO.3 OZARK: in 1996 the Swiss Hans Shallenberger outdoor enthusiasts, professional outdoor sports brand, Beijing Olympic swarc sports goods co..

ten sleeping bags brand ranking NO.4, north face TNF: founded in 1966 the United States, one of the most widely China influence on the market of international high-end brands, the world famous outdoor brands, Wei Fu Garment Co. Ltd. (China).

ten sleeping bags brand ranking NO.5, MARMOT groundhog: one of the most famous American outdoor brand, the world’s top outdoor equipment brand, mountain top brands, Chinese agent: Beijing Rui Ji Long Feng International Trade Co. ltd..

ten sleeping bags brand ranking NO.6, mobigarden MobiGarden: International Federation of China district official camping brand cooperation, outdoor sports and leisure development pioneer brand, Ningbo mobigarden outdoor Co., ltd..

ten sleeping bags brand ranking NO.7, Keller stone KAILAS: outdoor product design and development, production and sales of specialized large-scale enterprises, well-known brand Zhanjiang Maya sleeping bag, tourist supplies Co. ltd..

ten sleeping bags brand rankings, NO.8 Decathlon: in 1976 France, the world famous sports brand, multinational enterprises, ten sleeping bags brand, Decathlon (Shanghai) Sports Goods Co., ltd..

ten sleeping bags brand ranking NO.9, KingCamp Kangerjianye: family outdoor advocate, won the national camping assembly.

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